Empowering Financial Access for All

Montran’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program: breaking down financial barriers, one community at a time.

At Montran, we believe we have both a responsibility and a duty to empower Financial Access for every person in the world.

This goes beyond simply striving to make a positive impact wherever we can. This is about elevating global prosperity – and we do it through breaking down barriers to Financial Access, through our cornerstone Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy programs.

Come join us on our mission to empower Financial Access for developing countries. We invite you to read more about this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program below.

This is more than just a CSR program. This is embedded into our corporate DNA.

This is the Montran way.

Financial Inclusion

According to the World Bank, communities all over the globe face a common problem – they lack basic, fundamental access to financial facilities such as having a bank account. Having such access is a crucial step towards escaping poverty, yet over 1.7 billion working-age adults are still financially excluded from the global economy.

“Financial Inclusion allows people to save for family needs, borrow to support a business, or build a cushion against an emergency. Having access to financial services is a critical step towards reducing both poverty and inequality,” said Jim Yong Kim, the World Bank Group President. The G20 and the United Nations also agree – they have all stated that Financial Inclusion is one of the key enablers to reduce poverty and improve lives around the world.

Creating the availability of financial facilities drives new opportunities for communities to prosper and be truly financially inclusive. Leveraging the financial products and services we have created, Montran partners with communities all over the world to deliver solutions that meet their needs, including transactions, payments, savings, credit, and insurance, all delivered in a responsible and sustainable way.

Addressing Global Financial Inclusion challenges is a key priority for Montran. After all, creating financial facilities is what Montran does at our core. Our vision through our Financial Inclusion program is a world where every person has access to industry-leading financial facilities.

This is how we lay the foundation of building a future towards elevating global prosperity and unlocking Financial Access for All.

Financial Literacy

Financial Inclusion brings the world a step closer towards elevating global prosperity. Yet, to truly enable financial access for every person in the world, the challenge of Financial Literacy must also be tackled so that communities can understand the facilities available and how to utilize them properly.

Financial Literacy is defined as the ability to understand and execute matters of personal finance. Yet the World Bank estimates that a staggering 3.5 billion people globally lack an understanding of basic financial concepts, a fundamental factor for economic growth and financial stability.

Therefore, Financial Literacy programs are paramount for the success of enabling Financial Access for All. Montran partners with communities around the world to provide financial literacy training and education, building a solid foundation of financial knowledge that engages people to actively participate in financial planning and be empowered to tackle financial matters. Our vision through this program is a world where every person feels comfortable talking about money matters.

After all, improvements in financial literacy have a profound impact on people and their ability to provide for their future; Montran is there to guide them along their journey to true Financial Access.

Each program on its own is far less effective than when joined together in a cohesive solution that addresses the core financial needs of a developing country and its underserved communities. Therefore, Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy must work hand-in-hand in order to fulfill the ultimate goal of Montran CSR.

Empowering Financial Access for All.

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