Montran at ELOCC 2022

Montran is proud to be a top sponsor at The Latin American meeting of Clearinghouse Operators.
September 26, 2022

The Latin American meeting of Clearinghouse Operators (ELOCC) is a gathering of senior executives from national payment system operators in Central and South America. The attendees discuss top trends and important regional achievements in the electronic payment space. This important international event promotes the exchange of information across the region, focusing on new payment technology and product offerings.

The 15th ELOCC edition takes place in Washington D.C, from the 5th to 8th of October 2022 and is attended by senior representatives from 19 Latin American countries and the United States. Several Central Banks from the region also participate in ELOCC, including the Federal Reserve.

Montran, as one of the leading providers of financial technology and payment solutions in the region, is proud to be a top sponsor of the ELOCC event. Montran is sharing exciting news about our achievements in the region, including recent implementations of our modern Instant Payments and Liquidity Management solutions. Montran continues to unify the world financially through our successful payment offerings.

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