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Montran’s ATS & CSD Solutions Transform Mauritania’s Financial Landscape

May 14, 2024

Mauritania sets out on a journey of financial transformation with the launch of Montran’s Automated Transfer System (ATS) and Central Securities Depository (CSD) solutions.

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT /Montran/ — In a significant leap towards modernizing the nation’s financial infrastructure, the Central Bank of Mauritania, known as the Banque Centrale de Mauritanie (BCM), successfully implemented Montran’s Automated Transfer System (ATS) and Central Securities Depository (CSD) system. These initiatives help align Mauritania’s payments ecosystem with global standards, bringing in efficiency and security in transactions.

Montran’s ATS is a central infrastructure application that integrates the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and Automated Clearing House (ACH) platforms. The ATS revolutionizes the payments transfer mechanism by offering real-time and batch payment processing capabilities. This innovative system not only accelerates the speed of transaction processing but also ensures robust security measures, thus reducing risks and building consumer trust in financial operations. With instant funds access and effective cash flow planning, the system also enables better liquidity management for banks. By streamlining processes and minimizing manual intervention, the ATS brings in a new era of efficiency in Mauritania’s financial landscape.

In parallel, the CSD system plays a pivotal role in facilitating the monetary policy of BCM and simplifying the issuance of public debt securities. The CSD system spans a full range of depository functions catering to participants of fixed income securities, in local currency. This solution not only enhances transparency and accountability but also fosters investor confidence in the Mauritanian financial market.

These implementations usher a new era of modernization for users of payment services in the nation. By embracing global standards and leveraging cutting-edge technology, Mauritania is poised to unlock new opportunities for economic growth and prosperity. With government support and user-centric benefits, these digital initiatives hold a promising future for the country’s financial sector.

For more information, refer to BCM’s press release on this implementation here.

About Central Bank of Mauritania

The Central Bank of Mauritania, known as the Banque Centrale de Mauritanie (BCM), serves as the country’s monetary authority, responsible for implementing monetary policy and ensuring price stability. It regulates the banking sector, issues currency, and manages foreign exchange reserves to support the Mauritanian economy.

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