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Montran’s COVID-19 Update

Montran’s Board of Directors have released the following statement regarding Montran’s Response to COVID-19.
April 12, 2022

Valued Montran Customers:

Montran continues to operate under its Business Continuity Protocol, while conforming to guidelines of international and local government authorities. Our Global Business Continuity Committee continues to adapt and improve our approach to maintaining optimal operations, and to ensure our business resilience, on a weekly basis.

Customer maintenance and support, ongoing development and installations, project management, and professional consulting services have been continuing successfully. We have successfully taken projects Live and are continuing to complete projects remotely. We have also successfully carried out entire training sessions remotely as well as multiple remote inception workshops. Montran is confident that we can continue with all the project activities, either remotely or onsite, depending on the specific situation, without impacting the project timelines from our side.

While Montran’s response to the pandemic has demonstrated our ability to maintain our implementation, installation and maintenance procedures under unique circumstances, we have exploited emerging technologies that have accelerated our product development and corporate integration.

A number of Montran personnel have returned to office, as well as working remotely while others continue working remotely without issue and remain ready and able to support our customers. We expect in-person office activity to increase as time goes by and as circumstances permit. Although the current remote work model is effective and beneficial for all, direct human contact remains irreplaceable.

At this time, we have adapted our travel policy to current restrictions and requirements set by the governments and airlines companies. Our Business Continuity Committee and the Montran Board of Directors shall continue to appraise the situation regularly, in light of ongoing developments, and update this policy as appropriate.

All of us at Montran remain entirely committed to meeting the needs of our Customers around the world while protecting the health and safety of everyone.

We wish all of you well.

Montran Corporation Board of Directors