Digital Financial Services

Montran’s Digital Financial Services Suite enables complete participation of all population segments to the digital, cashless economy, while providing comprehensive interoperability with existing payment rails such as interbank and card networks.

Digital Financial Services Solutions

Autograph (e-Signature)

Quickly and easily issue nationally verified digitally signed certificates anywhere and anytime with Montran’s easy-to-use digital certificate issuance and management platform, Autograph.

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Digital Currency

Montran’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) provides a trusted and secure digital form of a country’s fiat currency for cashless payments. In lieu of printing cash money, a Central Bank issues CBDC backed by the full faith and credit of the government. Montran’s CBDC solution offers true flexibility in design, architecture, infrastructure, and access models, providing seamless interoperability for all stakeholders and players in the financial ecosystem.

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Digital Wallet

The Montran Digital Wallet achieves cashless interoperability by offering secure mobile app contactless payment initiation, account management, and a multi-tiered digital financial service platform.

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Instant / Real-Time Payments

Montran’s Instant Payments solution and Montran’s Instant Payment Value-Added Services pave the way towards a 24/7 interoperable, financially inclusive, cashless society.

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Mobile Payments

Montran’s Mobile Payments and Digital Wallet Platform is a complete, turn-key solution that provides cashless and cardless Person-to-Person, Request to Pay, Person-to-Merchant payments. Extendable developer kits are available to supplement the base platform services.

Montran Mobile Payments is designed to maximize interoperability with other clearing and settlement systems, through the usage of open messaging protocols ISO20022, ISO8583, and open APIs.

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National Switch

Montran can provide turnkey payment solutions, including fully interoperable card payment switches.  Montran also has a long track record of seamlessly integrating with National Payment Switches worldwide.

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Stand-In Accounting

With the recent 24/7 payments channels ubiquitousness, financial institutions need to rapidly adapt their back-office systems to the new 24/7, real-time nature of the payments ecosystem.

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Proxy Alias Database

The Proxy solution offered by Montran enables 24/7, ISO20022 compliant account to other identifiers translation services, and it represents a key component in the larger payments environment.

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Tokenization Services

Exceptional protection of sensitive data for all payment channels, with increased confidentiality and reduced fraud.

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Fraud Detection and Prevention

The trend towards Instant Payments is clear by now. But as some like to say, Instant Payments means instant fraud. Banks have a tough time finding fraud detection solutions that work within the difficult time constraints of an Instant Payments flow. National Banks and clearing and settlement institutions are looking for centralized solutions to help their participant banks.

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